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Automatic Stirrup Bender Machine Prime 12d5


We "Sona Sales Agencies" are one of Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Suspended Rope Platform in India. We Provide you Suspended Platforms with Hevels Motor & Hoister. Every one Else offer Chinese Motor & Hoister & we all know when it comes to quality what is best Indian or Chinese. Our Platforms are manufactured in accordance with the established norms and standards of the industry, under the supervision of experts. In addition to this, our quality experts examine these suspended rope platforms on various parameters before delivering them to the customers. Detailed overview of the product is mentioned as under:

Automatic Stirrup Bender Machine

Automatic Stirrup Bender Machine allows producing stirrups and cutting to size bar using rebar of up to Ø13mm or double Ø13mm. It is equipped with wire inlet unit and offers all the advantages of Latest technology and digital servomotors. Sona Construction Technologies Pvt Ltd has recently launched new digital stirrup bender machine. Its main features are the wide stainless steel front panel and the two servomotors on the driving unit which permit the machine to work at a maximum speed of 150 m/min. it is equipped with a stirrup collecting flap, wire inlet unit, anti twist device in the internal straightening unit and sapiens can produce a 200x200 mm stirrups in about two seconds which means, 4,000 stirrups per hour with double wire. to the needs. Hoist and safety lock are in mounting decks, around platform there exists balustrades so as to prevent tools inside slipping out.

Automatic Stirrup Bender Machine

Model SONA SRP-250
Platform size 2.5 Meter
Related Load 250 Kg
Wire Rope Length 100 Meter
Lifting Speed 9-11 m/min
Lifting Height 100 m
Power 1.5 KW x2
Voltage 415 V / 3 Phase
Safety lock Tilt proof safety lock (2 No`s)

  1. Cut of the power and discharge the air of the machine in case of danger.
  2. Don't use the chemical solvent to clean the machine.
  3. The Machine life depends on the lubrication.
  4. Maintenance the machine every 8 hours.
  1. Pay–off (FX 12B) :
    Adjustable pneumatic operated brake controlled by the machine's control board. Swinging roller holder with hardened steel, vertically adjusted rollers. May be connected in series with other pay-offs.
  2. Control System :
    The control system of stirrup bender consists of PLC, HMI and feeding & bending servo motor. The main control method is: the operator edits graphics through the touch screen (HMI). Including the length of each side and bending control servomotor through pulse and accordance with the specified size to auto complete steel processing.
  3. Software Introduction :
    The Entire System software is mainly composed of by the PLC program and HMI program. PLC program structure is divided into data calculation, logical judgments and actions performance. During steel processing, large amount of data calculation task mainly to the completion of the PLC.