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Rotary Parking Machine


Rotary Parking Machine is designed to permit up to a maximum of 16 cars to be parked easily and safely, on the surface area required to park 2 cars. It is simple to operate with the driver parking and leaving the vehicles in the system at the ground level. Once the driver leaves the incorporated safety zone the vehicle is automatically parked by the system rotating to lift the parked car away from the bottom central position. This leaves an empty parking space available at ground level, for the next car to be parked on. Since it is controlled by an integrated computer system, the overall operation can be viewed with one screen

  1. Quick Automated Parking and retrieval of vehicles.
  2. Up to 16 SEDAN's or 16 SUV's can be easily and safely parked.
  3. Surface space required equivalent to just 2 surface car parking spaces.
  4. Most suitable for Staff or dedicated user parking.
  5. Low maintenance levels required by the system.
  6. Does not require a parking attendant.
  7. Easily constructed in a small area, just requiring a simple concrete base and 3 phase electricity.
  8. This system is cost effective when extra land for surface parking is not available.
  9. Rotary parking is extremely reliable and has been well tried and tested with many reference sites available.
  10. Reduction in CO2 levels of up to 85%.
  11. Reduced development costs,.
  12. Automated Parking Systems offer double the parking density.